3 ways you can create wealth


We all want it, but we’re not all willing to do the work. Entrepreneurs must commit to an alternate level of work to be successful because we are ultimately responsible for the success of the firm, not just ourselves. If you want to create real wealth, like an above average everyday salary, you need to be willing to do a lot of work for yourself. You require unlearning a lot of bad habits and old mindsets and re-learning those of someone truly wealthy. Below are three easy ones you can start doing daily to shift your mindset!

No. 1 — Make a list

That’s right. Make a list of 10 things every night before bed that you are grateful for. Yes, I said it. Do your gratitude list. Not just today, but every day. Watch what sort of abundance starts coming to you when you make a tiny brain wave shift towards being more grateful for what you already have.

No. 2 — Flip what scares you into what inspires you

List out five reasons that money scares you, stresses you out, makes you angry, etc. Then, flip them around to something positive. For example, I am stressed about not having enough money to make my payroll this week without overdrafting my bank account.

I am so blessed to have employees working in my business helping to drive my dream forward and allowing me the time that I need to work “on my business” and “not just in my business.” The money will flow freely to me because I could focus my attention on the right things.

No. 3 — Define why you love money

Write down five reasons you love money. Not just that it pays for stuff, but really romanticizes it. Because of money, I was able to spend the weekend strolling the farmers’ market with my family, smelling all the fresh produce, and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee while holding my spouse’s hand.

We watched our kids play on the playground, listened to their laughter and were able to be truly present in that moment. Money is allowing me to live my best life and spend time on what matters to me most.

Bonus Tip — Make your mindset change a habit

To truly make a difference you require repeating these steps daily for at least three weeks until it becomes a habit. Set an alarm each evening when you will have 20-30 minutes to sit down and journal your thoughts for the day.

If you think it, you can be it. Try giving it a chance today.

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