5 self-development tips every entrepreneur needs


As business owners, the most important project we will ever work on is ourselves. For our firms to grow, to better serve our clients, and lead our staff, our personal and professional development is the most critical of all. Here are five  tips every entrepreneur should utilize to keep your development on track.

No. 1 — Read more books

Not only are there hundreds of books on entrepreneurship skills and growing a business, but reading helps improve your focus, vocabulary, and communication skills. Mix in books that you enjoy reading for personal fun as well as business books. Want to form a good reading habit? Shoot for one new book per month.

No. 2 — Improve your time management skills

This one is critical as a leader. Your time management impacts your clients, your team, your family, and your ability to focus on the things that really matter. If you haven’t honed in your time management skills, there’s a good chance you’re spending too much time on things that aren’t driving your business, or your own skills forward.

No. 3 — Focus on your health

I can’t stress this one enough. Accountants are among the top most unhealthy professions. Loads of caffeine, fast food, and long hours sitting at a desk don’t contribute to the epitome of health. In order to achieve peak performance though, our bodies need nourishment, exercise, and rest. Stress can take a toll on our bodies working long hours and managing a practice.

Keeping on top of our physical health is key to combating the effects of stress. The healthier I am physically, the more capable I am of staying focused for longer and ensuring that my clients receive the most present version of me.

No. 4 — Strengthen your networking skills

It is no surprise that as entrepreneurs we are responsible for bringing in new business. This requires strong networking skills to continuously be forming new relationships that will either bring in new work or help to enhance the services we offer our clients currently.

More than just sales though, improving your ability to connect with new people sets an example to your team as what a leader does in the organization. Connections come in all shapes and sizes, you never know when you’ll meet the next best member of your team or someone who can bring a collaborative new level of service to your organization.

No. 5 — Make sure your vision is clear

As entrepreneurs, our perspective on our business can often be visionary, consistently looking to the future and looking to build what is next. Not everyone that works with us though is visionary by nature. Make sure you clearly and consistently share what the vision for the firm is and what role everyone plays in that vision.

This is important when building with a team. Change management and growth can be challenging for some, especially team members who are not as entrepreneurially inclined. Consistently sharing the vision can help with buy-in for the vision long term.

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