5 Ways to Keep Up with Social Media During Tax Season


It’s the beginning of the year and you know what that means… tax season is upon us. During the tax season, as people start receiving their tax information, they start researching how to maximize their return. Use your company’s social media platforms to your advantage- to connect with customers and to share tax knowledge!

Here are 5 ways to communicate effectively through social media during tax season:

  1. Share Helpful Tips: Share tips on how to get the most out of a personal tax return or business deductions. Highlight a tax code, important deadlines, or a tax fact, that the audience can personally connect to, and be able to use. Pose it as a “Did you know?” a #FunFactFriday post or even a #TaxHack.

    Some examples:

    • Did you know making certain improvements to your home could entitle you to tax credits? You could be eligible to claim these credits for making certain other upgrades to make your home more energy efficient.
    • The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program makes assistance available to people with incomes of $56,000 or less. #FunFactFriday
    • Planning on moving? Keep track of your expenses to claim moving expenses as a deduction on your taxes. #TaxHack
  2. Share Myths (and Bust Them!): Along the same lines as the tips and facts you are sharing, share the myths, and frequently asked questions accountants get- but clearly show it is a myth!

    Some examples:

    • #TaxMyth: Filing your taxes is voluntary. #TheFacts: Taxes are not voluntary and you must pay them. Be sure to report all of your earnings each year and keep track of all your business documents.
    • #TaxMyth: I don’t make enough money to get audited. #TheFacts: Anyone can get audited and it’s important to keep track of ALL expenses and receipts. Learn more about what’s relevant to hold on to on our website!

  3. Share Motivation: It’s busy season, but a little #MondayMotivation can go a long way. Motivational quotes and tax season humor not only has a positive effect on those in the accounting field, but anyone and everyone that must file their taxes by April 15. It’s a great way to seem approachable to your current and potential clients.

  4. Post Promotions and Specials: Does your firm do anything special during tax season? If you have referral fees, seminars for first-time filers, coupons in the local newspaper – whatever – promote it online!

    Some examples:

    • New clients switch and save $100 on tax preparation fee!
    • Refer a friend and be entered in a contest to win an Amazon Gift Card!

  5. Show Recognition: Your staff is doing a lot right now. Recognize their efforts, their loyalty to the company, the amount of work they are putting in; and, emphasize they are there to help your clients. 

    Some examples:

    • Staff Spotlight: Sally Brown. Sally has been a CPA at our firm for 15 years. She always works to continue her professional development and constantly provides excellent customer service to our clients. If you see Sally be sure to give her an encouraging word during tax time!
    • Have you received your 2020 engagement letter from Mary, our Executive Assistant? Make sure you reach out to her with any questions about your tax return. She is one of the many people we have here to help YOU!
  6. Now that you have an idea about what type of content to post, think about if you want to share it as text, a graphic, a video, or something else. Be sure to always include your company name and/or logo in your promotional media, and contact information or online presence where appropriate. Setting a social media calendar with a variety of useful content will increase engagement, build a larger following, spread tax knowledge, and promote your company. Making a social post calendar now could also really help as things start to get crazy with tax season gearing up. Although you may think of it as one more thing to do, or something that doesn’t matter – social media can be used as a resource, so use it wisely!

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Emily Hedrick is the Media Director for Insightful Accountant. She handles webinar set up and facilitation, ad and content creation, customized social media, graphics, online marketing, and evaluating analytical results and more. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Auburn University. When not working, Emily loves to listen to bluegrass music and play outside with her dog, Banjo. Emily always dreamt of going away to a big college, and landed in Auburn, Alabama in August of 2011. Building on her interests of communication and business, she found the public relations major as well as a passion for female education, leadership, and sustainability. In December 2016, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and was ready for another adventure. Emily began working as The Communicator for Best Gurl, inc. in January 2017. She has collaborated in strategic planning to promote Best Gurl products and services; created an editorial calendar, reinvigorated the social media platforms, planned marketing campaigns, and reworked and published a new company website. In March 2019, Emily began working as a project and communications consultant. She currently works with companies and organizations like Best Gurl inc., The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators, Wanda's Clocks and Trophies/ B&M Engraving LLC, and the annual Women Empowering Women Symposium hosted by the American Business Women's Association, Emerald Coast Chapter. When not working, Emily loves to listen to bluegrass music. Every Memorial Day weekend you can catch her back in her hometown, volunteering at DelFest, a bluegrass festival hosted by Del McCoury and family.