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Intuit Practice Management (IPM) powered by Karbon is a platform used to manage workflows, collaborate with teams, and provide integration with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Intuit Lacerte Tax, Intuit ProConnect Tax, QuickBooks Online-Accountant and TSheets. Now, all of your communications can be in one place, so your firm will have everything it needs to analyze staff performance, operate more efficiently, and inform future planning.

If you are currently using either ProConnect Tax or Lacerte Tax from Intuit you can easily connect them to to Intuit Practice Management, then all of your tax clients’ contact information will be automatically displayed in Practice Management. From then on, any changes you make to your contacts in either your practice management software or your tax software will be reflected in both. By the way, new for this year, IPM support Intuit’s ProSeries Tax Software.

Learn out more about Intuit Practice Management by attending these two free webinars, Advanced techniques to automate and standardize your workflow on December 10, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You can register here.

And the follow up webinar to the one mentioned above is, The Intuit Practice Management Onboarding Experience on December 17, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You can register here.

Once you are connected to your tax software you will be able to view your client’s tax return status within IPM as well as determine which of your staff members is working on what aspect of their return. It’s easy to check the status of returns, their signature state, and filing status. But more than that, with a single click you can actually click right from Intuit Practice Management right into a client’s existing return, or even initiate a new tax return within IPM before your connected tax software launches.

Similarly, if you are using QuickBooks Online – Accountant, you can integrate it with Intuit Practice Management as well so that all of your client information, work, and communications will be brought together right at your fingertips. You’ll never have to go hunting again for tax, incorporation, or financial details.

And, Intuit Practice Management let’s you share time-tracking and invoicing information with both TSheets and QuickBooks Online-Accountant. Invoicing your clients will depend upon exactly how you have chosen to bill them. If you are billing hourly, and use the TSheets integration then your bills will get generated just as you probably do now with QuickBooks Online-Accountant. But of you are billing fixed-fee or value-based, you might be using one of the integrated quoting tools like Practice Ignition that also syncs to QBO for invoicing. If you take a blended approach, you can use both options and track each client within Intuit Practice Management for full transparency with your staff. All data is automatically updated between all your chosen billing tool(s) and Intuit Practice Management.

But beyond the integrations Intuit Practice Management offers a variety of other features aimed at enhancing teamwork and collaboration. Take for example the ‘Capacity View’ of your Dashboard which not only lets you know where every job stands at all times but it gives you a snapshot of what’s on everyone’s ‘to do list’. You can easily look at the details to see who is working ‘more’ or ‘less’ than will max them out so you can shift work around as needed. Give a little here, take a little from there, balance the load to keep everyone working at their prime.

Every staff member has their individual dashboard, so whether they’re sitting next to you or somewhere across the country, everyone knows their responsibilities. Just use IPM’s built-in templates to quickly create new work items or upload them in batches, then organize them by assignment or urgency. That way you can easily:

  • Break down work into different columns, sorted and filtered by what matters to you.
  • Use cards to represent different work items or projects giving you all the important information you need to know at a glance, so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Configure different custom views showing as many cards or as much information as you need, depending on what you need to know at any given time.

Another feature Intuit Practice Management incorporates is the ability to collaborate via the tools you already use like Gmail, Office 65, or Microsoft Exchange. You will easily converse with your clients and staff live within the email management incorporated inside IPM. 

Best of all, all those email, along with your notes and tasks and other details are all automatically organized for each client chronologically in one view regardless of the staff person with whom contact is made or the work is assigned. This means you will never have a problem know who last spoke, exchanged emails, made notes, or worked on a client related matter. Every detail is secure in an audit history for every client providing fast and accurate access to the information you need when it comes time to review “what actually went on.”

Of course, in these COVID-19 times it’s especially true that you are not at working  at your desktop or laptop computer, still you can focus just the same from your smartphone or tablet with the Intuit Practice Management App. Chat your work up with staff via emails, notes and tasks, along with assigning new tasks for your colleagues or yourself. Filter the views of your work to identify what’s most important to you at the moment, and easily swipe clear any items that don’t need your attention.

For more information head over to the IPM website and while you are there request a demo of Intuit’s Practice Management.

You can find out more about Intuit Practice Management by attending the Insightful Accountant sponsored webinars, “Advanced techniques to automate and standardize your workflowbeing held December 10, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time [REGISTER HERE] and “The Intuit Practice Management Onboarding Experience” on December 17, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time [REGISTER HERE]. Both webinars will be presented by Jeremy Herbel and Clayton Crouch.

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