Canopy Announces General Availability of their Tax Prep solution


Canopy, a leading cloud-based practice management platform for tax and accounting professionals, has announced the general availability of Tax Prep, the first fully-integrated modern tax prep solution for accountants released in over a decade.

“With Tax Prep, Canopy now offers the first comprehensive platform for tax professionals that seamlessly integrates Tax Preparation, Tax Resolution and Practice Management software all in one – a substantial step forward for the accounting industry since no holistic solution was previously available,” said Kurt Avarell, CEO and Founder at Canopy. “Over the past many months of beta testing, we have refined Tax Prep to respond to the precise needs of accounting firms across the country today. We integrated feedback from customers as well as the company’s internal accounting professionals, which make up a large percentage of our workforce.”

As with all of Canopy’s solutions, Tax Prep is a cloud-based, secure software, enabling professionals to access client data anytime, anywhere. Canopy Tax Prep’s notable functionality includes:

● Organization –  you can automate information gathering and document storage with bank-level security.

Source: Canopy

● Preparation –  all forms and schedules are grouped into natural, user-friendly categories. Canopy Tax Prep provides simple navigation allowing users to answer all contextually-related questions at the same time, no matter which federal or state forms they are in.

Source: Canopy

● Review – users can review returns easily in tax form layout with the ability to switch between each section, search for specific forms, or scroll through the entire return. You will easily run diagnostics to catch errors before filing.

Source: Canopy

● Share – you can share tax returns for client review through a client portal. Gather electronic signatures for federal and state e-file authorization forms. Automate bank account detail collection for secure payments and refunds.

Source: Canopy

● e-File – electronically file state and federal returns and extensions with convenience and ease.

The software is currently available to file individual tax returns in 24 states. For the 2019 tax year, Canopy will introduce forms 1065, 1120, 1120S, and 1041, fully supporting individual and business returns in 8 states.

For more information on supported individual and business returns visit,