Digital Signatures and Tech Update With eFileCabinet

In this week's Q&A, we sit down with eFilcCabinet CEO Jesse Wood. The Internal Revenue Service has loosened its...

Just-in-Time Contractors

In my last article on humans, The People Puzzle, we discussed utilizing contractors as temporary busy season workers to fill in gaps or support...

The People Puzzle

December is my favorite. Tax planning conversations are in full swing, the lack of urgency on projects lulls me into a false...

Tax Season in the Eyes of an Intern

This past tax season was the first time I was able to participate in tax season. Before my first day, I expected...

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Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act – Passed by the House

Earlier today the House of Representatives passed H.R.7010 - Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 that would favor many small business owners. This bill is now sitting on the Senate to vote on and move forward.

How to “Cloud Accounting” for Tax: The Template for Change Management

In the last article, I address the three pillars of change management. Please read that here. Once you have a good, fundamental...

IRS announces Form 1040-X electronic filing options coming this summer; major milestone reached for...

The Internal Revenue Service announced today, May 28, that later this summer taxpayers will for the first time be able to...