Tax Practice News Readers: We need your insight to help us continue to improve

We are in the process of updating our audience profile and we need 3 minutes of your time to do so. You have the...

Presenting Technology – An Experience

A few years ago, I get a voicemail “Hello, Liz. My name is Kal Barson. I read an article of yours in the Journal...

A Culture of CAS

There is so much buzz in the accounting community around CAS. Does anyone have a proper definition? It has been used to abbreviate Client...
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Avoid these 5 phrases that make you sound passive aggressive—here’s how successful people communicate

Editor's Note: I recently stumbled across this article written by Erica Dhawan from CNBC and I thought I'd share with our readers. I think...

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Tax Planners

Over 30 years ago, Stephen Covey published “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." The book became a bestseller and is often referenced to...


Someone asked me the other day what it feels like to be a risk-taker. I answered, “It feels like failing more times and in...

Xero Blog: Our commitment to responsible data use

It’s fair to say that over the past 16 months or so, we’ve become more digitally-connected than ever before. We can’t underestimate the roles...

How to take time off (and not deal with work)

It’s officially summer 2021 and a lot of us feel like this is the first time we can break out and go do something....

The Human Element in Automation: Communication

I recently read an article in Forbes titled, "The Human Side of Accounting Automation" by Nicholas Pasquarosa. In this article, Pasquarosa discusses the importance...

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5 things your clients should know about WOTC

What if you could help your small business clients save money on their taxes and better compete for workers in a very tight labor...

IRS extends relief to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona ripped through Puerto Rico this past week, leaving many without power and causing damage across the island. The last thing on most...

Survey says: US tax executives lean into technology

US tax executives’ top goal for their tax departments in 2022 is planning for domestic and global tax changes, according to BDO’s "2022 Tax...