The Argument for Turning Off

2020 has been a year. We have seen the rise and fall of the economy, we have seen more legislation introduced and not passed...

Purpose and Taxes: The Significance of Two Opposing Assets

As a member of the tax community, I am particularly sensitive to the phrase, “The devil is in the details” as so much of...

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

I received a notice in one of the emails I receive from the IRS which highlighted the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. As I read...

Going paperless: Success stories from the field

Editor’s Note: This is the final installment from Insightful Accountant in a six-part series on why, what and how today’s companies are approaching going...

Industry leaders discuss considerations & keys to going paperless

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a six-part series from Insightful Accountant on why, what and how today’s companies are approaching going paperless....

The Complicated Relationship of Accountants and Politics

It all boils down to one thing – how are we going to pay for that? Every law that is signed into legislation, every...

Six Reasons Tax Software Sucks

With all the change, tragedy, and frustration 2020 has brought, it also has the distinction of the longest tax season in American history. Most...

Are you prepared for the next big step of your retirement journey?

Editor's Note: It's important for accountants, CPAs and tax preparers to understand the strategies laid out below when working with high net-worth clients. You...

Trump Taxes: The Unplanned Tax Years

The recent release of information on President Donald Trump’s tax returns has caused quite a stir in the public. In 2016, Trump paid $13,301...

The Tax Gene

My Grandfather, Jerry Mason, passed away last week. He was 92 years old and up until a month ago he was strong, vibrant, mentally...

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Inauguration, Insurrection at the Capitol and Social Media

Our country collectively exhaled a major sigh of relief when Biden was sworn in yesterday and there were no bombings or other violent acts....

Why Your Cannabis Clients May Need to Pay Multi-state Sales Taxes

Cannabis taxes are a challenge across the industry. Everyone working in cannabis knows that IRC Section 280(e) presents some big challenges for anyone operating...

TaxAct and TaxDome Partner to Help Tax Pros Modernize Their Practices

2020 made one thing extremely clear to tax professionals: the ability to manage their practices online is now an operational and competitive necessity. Thanks...