Are you prepared for the next big step of your retirement journey?

Editor's Note: It's important for accountants, CPAs and tax preparers to understand the strategies laid out below when working with high net-worth...

Trump Taxes: The Unplanned Tax Years

The recent release of information on President Donald Trump’s tax returns has caused quite a stir in the public. In 2016, Trump...

The Tax Gene

My Grandfather, Jerry Mason, passed away last week. He was 92 years old and up until a month ago he was strong,...

Finding Inspiration in the Mundane

The deadline is less than a week away. It is almost over. Tax deadlines tend to bring out the most negative thoughts...

After Busy Season Party: Covid-Style

So normally, we have a happy hour on September 15th that starts after the last return is e-filed and ends when the...

2020 Tax Software Survey

Hardly anything about 2020 could be considered normal, and the annual tax software survey of AICPA member tax preparers by the JofA...

The Massive Misappropriation of Time

The day starts at 6am. He picks up his phone up from the nightstand squinting to see if there are any pertinent...

Disaster Preparedness in Your Tax Firm

Earthquakes, Wildfires, Tornadoes and Hurricanes can cause a level of stress to us as individuals, but as business owners these disasters amplify...

Treasury and IRS Seeking Comments on Proposed Redesigned Partnership Form for Tax Year 2021

The Treasury Department and the IRS are releasing the new draft Schedule K-2 (Form 1065), Partners’ Distributive Share Items - International and...

Taking Your Firm Virtual Day Two: Firm Culture, Hiring & Implementation

Day two of the Taking Your Firm Virtual Summit was another information-filled day full of speakers with...

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The Complicated Relationship of Accountants and Politics

It all boils down to one thing – how are we going to pay for that? Every law that is signed into...

Latino Tax Fest (Virtual) 2020 to take place October 27-29

Just in case you haven't heard and are looking for some year-end CPE, IRS CE credits or...

Six Reasons Tax Software Sucks

With all the change, tragedy, and frustration 2020 has brought, it also has the distinction of the longest tax season in American...