The Great Pricing Debate

For as long as I have been in public practice, I have heard the pricing debate. We are all familiar with the three typical...

Tax Prep Technology: Where to start in choosing the right fit

Tax technology is its own beast. For professionals, there are the major players, the minor players, and the direct to consumer players trying to...

Canopy: The Real Story of Discontinuing Their Tax Compliance Product

A little over a month ago, Canopy dropped a bomb on its tax compliance customers – they decided to discontinue their support for their...

10 Benefits of Having a Niche Advisory Services Practice

As automation and technology replace and ease some of the  traditional compliance and bookkeeping activities for tax and accounting professionals, those working in advisory services have become  the...

Saying No: A Formula for Success

Have you ever wanted to yell NO to a client project because you knew it would mean you were stuck in an office all weekend?...

Tax Practice of the Future: Create an Advisory Workflow in the Cloud

Creating an advisory workflow in the cloud is the second pillar common to leading firms on the journey to create their ideal practice. Among...

A Process for Efficient Process Improvement

Process, process, process. Repeat after me, “It all starts with process.” That is my mantra for efficient systems. My team is sick of me asking them...

Tips to Remote Tax Teams

Wait, an international pandemic is causing accountants to welcome the future?! Welcome to the joys and protections of remote work! Here at High Rock...

What in the World is Design Thinking for a Tax Firm?

I am sure all of you have heard the term Design Thinking - and probably tossed it aside since Design Thinking could not possibly...

Digital Signatures and Tech Update With eFileCabinet

In this week's Q&A, we sit down with eFilcCabinet CEO Jesse Wood. The Internal Revenue Service has loosened its digital signature policy in light of...

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Why an Expense Management System is Key to Expanding Your Firm’s Client Advisory Services

Client advisory services (CAS), has been a buzzword in the accounting profession for years. In theory, the business strategy is simple: evolve your firm’s services...

Chicken or the Egg: Does Process Dictate Technology or Technology Dictate Process?

Finding the perfect technology solution needs to be finessed with compromises from the most effective process.