Forbes: IRS And Treasury Issue Guidance On Trump’s Payroll Tax Deferral

The Treasury Department released long-anticipated guidance on President Trump's tax holiday memorandum last week. This article linked below written by Forbes Contributor Shahar Ziv,...

Forbes: Payroll Tax Cut Starts September 1

President Donald Trump issued a payroll tax holiday through an executive memorandum, that began on September 1, 2020. There has been a lot of...

IRS Form 8300

How many forms does the IRS actually have? Does anyone at the IRS know? I’d love to know the answer to that question. If...

Publication 5419: New Employer Tax Credits

The IRS released a flow chart that clearly explains The Employee Retention Credit, which is designed to encourage employers to keep employees on their...

New Mailing Addresses for Form 941

New mailing addresses have been issued for paper Form 941, so check your mailing address before mailing. The due date has not changed, so 1st quarter payroll...

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Leave Decision Tree

Now more than ever, employers need timely insight as you try to navigate the multitude of issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those related to absence management.

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IRS extends relief to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Fiona

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