How do you take on a SFR Settlement Case?

This Tax Problem Resolution client was a non-filer who owed the IRS $75,000 and was facing enforced collection due to tax returns filed by...

Managing the Client Conversation

As of today, February 6, Powerful Accounting has completed and filed over 25 tax returns.  The conversations with clients have been interesting to say...

Make Sure Your Client Doesn’t Become Your Next Tax Resolution Client

The best way to make sure your client doesn’t become your next tax resolution client is for them to file all legally required income...

Shifting Sands: Why Now Is the Time to Build Your IRS Representation Practice

The rise of artificial intelligence (“AI”), the increased standard deduction, and the commoditization of 1040s has reduced the perceived value of the traditional tax...

Topics to Discuss with Business Clients This Tax Season

Here we are! Only two weeks away from the official start of filing season. As we here at Powerful Accounting are getting ready for the marathon,...

What Will Your Clients’ Experience Be During Busy Season?

Have you ever stopped to think about the experience your individual and business tax clients have with your firm? For many clients, it will...

Case Resolution: The Six Secrets to Getting an IRS Levy Released

The IRS releases thousands of levies every day, below is the checklist of what to do to be a hero to your client: The IRS levied...

Resources for Businesses to Battle COVID-19

In the midst of a very serious and life-altering pandemic like COVID-19, it’s important for all people and business owners to understand what resources...

Corona Virus Emergency Loans

The US Chamber of Commerce has put together a great resource for you to use when trying to decipher the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security...

Live with Liz and Will: Gusto’s Small Business COVID-19 Resources

On Friday, March 27th, Tax Practice News Editor Liz Mason interviewed Will Lopez, head of Gusto’s accountant community, live on Facebook. They discussed several issues facing...

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Leading the Way

At Intuit, our mission is to power prosperity around the world. To aid customers in that regard, Intuit Accountants recently released the results of...

Establishing a Brand: Critical to Success

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition. It's makes you stand on your own as a unique solution. It’s important to establish...
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Respecting Your Team’s Off Time

As we approach another round of holidays, it's important to remember to respect your team's off time. This may seem like an obvious thing...