Change can be difficult, but 2020 has taught us that change is vital to the survival of a business


Planning for change

The first step of change management is to identify the problem. The second step is to find a solution, which is where most get stuck. The issues are typically easy to locate, and if asked, team members are more than happy to point out the problems. For example, when discussing accounts payable, team members might mention time-consuming activities such as inputting and coding bills plus manually onboarding vendors.

Many companies define manual tasks as a pain point since they drain valuable resources. However, knowing these pain points exist is not the problem. Unfortunately, most businesses do not know how to find the solution and create an implementation plan. Instead, these businesses continue to be stuck in time adrift until they are pushed to the breaking point and forced into change.

Upcoming webinar

Knowing transition is a challenge businesses face, advisors can be part of the solution. Our role is to listen to the organization’s needs and the individuals who make up the organization. Change is not just the technology but also the people responsible for implementation. Organizations often overlook the importance of creating a healthy culture for embracing personal change. The organization as a whole includes the individuals, is essential, and with their support, change can unravel.

We will dive into step-by-step instructions and resources on approaching change management with a successful outcome in our upcoming webinar. These steps can be practiced in any change management situation from a top-down approach, but we will focus specifically on change management in the accounts payable department.

There are countless opportunities for automation that will propel your company to be more productive and create a foundation for growth. Remember planning includes actions for the organization which can’t take place without the individual people’s change.

Join us to gain the tools required for managing change. You can register for the webinar “Minimizing change management while modernizing your payables process” here.

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