Corvee adds tax planning strategies library to website


Software and solutions company Corvee has added a free tax savings strategies library to its website. The library gives tax professionals access to more than 1,500 detailed tax planning strategies to help save their clients money on federal, state and local taxes.

There are many different types of tax optimization strategies tax professionals can use to help lower their clients’ tax liability. Some strategies can take advantage of tax deductions to lower taxable income. Some use tax credits to reduce tax liability. And others—such as entity and compensation optimization—change one of the many factors that affect taxation.

This library of tax savings strategies was created by the tax planning experts at Corvee and allows tax professionals to learn about each strategy in detail.

The tax planning strategy library is ever-growing as the Corvee team of tax experts continues to analyze the tax code for tax-saving opportunities.

Corvee co-founder and CEO Andrew Argue says the resource was created to give tax professionals the opportunity to access numerous tax strategies in one place. “Taxes are the largest expense most individuals will ever have. But many taxpayers and their tax advisors are unaware of tax incentives Congress has put in place to reward activity that makes the US stronger. As a result taxpayers inadvertently overpay their taxes to the tune of billions of dollars each year.”

Argue says that’s why Corvee created the resource—to educate tax advisors and taxpayers on legal strategies that result in tax savings. “Each strategy features detailed research in an easy-to-understand format, and suggests other potential tax strategies they may qualify for.”

The free library of tax strategies is available HERE. For the ability to perform calculations and get estimated savings along with conducting tax planning with multiple strategies across multiple entities and years, tax professionals can use Corvee tax planning software.

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