Corvee Announces May Webinars for Tax Planning in 2021



Corvee, a software and solutions company serving tax and accounting firms, announced the company is offering two webinars in May to focus on the start of the tax planning season.

The first webinar, “Tax Planning Season Kickoff,” is scheduled on Friday, May 21st at noon EDT. This webinar will feature Andrew Argue, CPA, CEO of Corvee, as he walks through how to price, package and market tax planning to clients. It will also highlight how to take advantage of the new legislative changes from a tax perspective.

The next webinar, “How New Legislative Changes are Impacting 2021 Tax Plans,” is scheduled on Wednesday, May 26 at noon EDT. This webinar will feature Amanda Argue, CPA, chief of staff at Corvee, and Scott Davis, tax planning and research manager at Corvee. This webinar will highlight some of the big legislative changes happening this year and provide insight on how to effectively plan during a year of tax policy transition.

“There are new bills and tax policies being considered at a record pace and we want to provide insight so that tax professionals can effectively plan for their clients in 2021,” states Amanda Argue. “To do this, we will walk through what is different from 2020 to 2021 and provide a summary of all recent legislation that every tax professional should be aware of. We want to help make 2021 a year of successful tax planning!”

More information and registration for these webinars is available through the following links:

May 21 – Tax Planning Season Kickoff

May 26 – How New Legislative Changes are Impacting 2021 Tax Plans

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