Document Scanners: A First Step in Efficient Document Management


When the topic of document management comes up—a conversation accounting, bookkeeping, and tax and advisory service professionals have been having for some 20-plus years now—we often hear the same reasons people struggle with it implementation. Where do you start? How do adjust to a digital filing system? Well, step one is scanning your documents. Learn all about Canon’s full line of imageFORMULA document scanners below.

What service or solution does your company provide?

Canon’s full line of imageFORMULA document scanners and deliver high speeds, flexible and reliable feeding capabilities, high image quality affording tax and accounting professionals the ability to capture and convert documents, store and share information. Canon scanners are ISIS and TWAIN compliant and work with most tax and accounting software solutions.

What size of tax and/or accounting business is your solution best suited for? (Small, Medium, Large). Define Small, Medium or Large as your company sees it.

There are no limits to the size of firm that can benefit from Canon’s quality scanners.

What are the key Features, Advantages and Benefits of your products/services? What pain points do you relieve?

Since all of the scanners at ISIS and TWAIN compliant, set up and connecting to your existing software solutions is easy. Canon’s support is US based and ready to help when needed. Canon’s warranties range from 1 to 5 years, depending on the model.

Further, when you purchase via Canon direct at and use the discount code CANONBIZ25 to save 25%, you will be purchasing scanners that are the highest quality with great customer support at the lowest price available.

How do our readers contact someone within your company if they would like to see a product demo or speak with a company representative?

Contact Gary DeHart via email at:

How are your products/services/solutions priced? Feel free to provide actual pricing if appropriate or an answer like “per user, per form, per ____”.

Model pricing is available on the Canon Direct store, Use the discount code CANONBIZ25 to save 25%.

As an example, you can purchase the DR-M260, which scans 60 page per minute and carries a five-year warranty for under $700 at the Canon direct store using the discount code. Don’t miss this opportunity.

How is your customer support handled? Live Chat? Phone Support? Email Support?

Canon has two US-based customer support centers where you can SPEAK with a LIVE HUMAN (no bots)! Simply call 800-OKCANON.

What is the typical onboarding experience and what training resources do you have available?

None needed. Each machine is packaged with a CD Rom (do people still have CD Drives?) with what you need. If you don’t have a drive, then you can download the software from the Canon direct site.

Do you have a partner program that would allow tax and accounting professionals to recommend your products/services/solutions to their customers, or do you only serve the professionals?

No partner program, but we highly encourage satisfied customers to recommend our products and to pass along the discount code.

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