Getting Paid Just Got Easier with Canopy Payments

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Canopy, a leading cloud-based software for tax and accounting professionals has just announced a new payments solution that enables quick, seamless money transfers between Canopy’s customers and their clients. Developed in house, the fully integrated Canopy Payments solution conveniently collects payments online or in-person with options for credit, debit or ACH. 

With low flat rates and automatic recurring payment options, Canopy manages the entire billing process for users from tracking time and sending invoices to collecting payments. This makes the process of managing payment transactions transparent and easy. By focusing on security first, Canopy Payments is PCI compliant, ensuring that sensitive payment data is stored securely and protected against potential breaches.

“We are constantly looking to make the work of tax and accounting professionals easier,” said Jordan Ray, Chief Revenue Officer, Canopy. “By integrating Canopy Payments into our Practice Management software, we are not only benefiting our customers but also improving their clients’ satisfaction with a seamless experience.” 

Flat Rates for Every Transaction 

Regardless of the type of credit card or if a card is used in-person or online, the rates stays the same for both credit card and ACH payments. With a flat rate, accounting professionals will never have any surprises and can adjust invoices as needed. Currently rates are as follows:

  • Credit: 2.75% + $0.30 per transaction
  • ACH: $2 per transaction

Automatic Recurring Payments

Starting in July, an easy, automated, recurring billing for ongoing work will save professionals time and money by removing the burdensome task of manually issuing a request for payment. In addition, customizing payment schedules and the ability to save client financial details will create a smooth process for any professional’s receivable needs.

Synchronize with Your Books

Bookkeeping features allow professionals to easily export transaction history to other relevant accounting software.

Be sure to visit the Canopy Payments website for more information on this payment solutions that is available as part of Canopy’s Practice Management software.

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