Helping clients keep cash – Your cash flow software review


Did you miss our “Future Forward” event last week? Never fear. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch all the replays. One of the topics that came up during our session on integrating technology to offer tax consulting services was a big request for advice on cash flow software.

Understandably, if you are going to offer clients tax strategy and consulting services, being able to project their financials is a key necessity, but how do you do it without it becoming a time consulting process? We demoed Cash Flow Frog as a budget friendly tool to help you address this need.

Cash Flow Frog is one of the few cash flow software we found that was not just budget friendly, but actually helped with automation for projections without a lot of heavy lifting. The pricing for a PRO plan with 10 companies connected is just shy of $150/month. Need more? You can connect 50 companies for around $300 a month.

The software will sync with both QuickBooks online as well as Xero and automatically pulls in all your client’s financial information. Your team can all have access with up to 10 users included in the PRO plans. Forecast models can automatically be generated out as far as three years and the company also boasts a “concierge onboarding” service when you get started.

Some of the features include the ability to name multiple scenarios for a client so you can build projections using a variety of inputs. Projections can be tailored from 12-36 months. Changing views allow you to see projections by daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Client dashboards allow you to drill down to see detailed projections of income and expenses by category.

Reports include planned vs. actual comparisons, exportable projections, five week forecasts, analysis of the last three weeks of cash flow, pie charts and quarterly cash flow reports. The software will even email you weekly cash flow summaries and insights for your connected company.

There are a plethora of great forecasting tools out there but things we were looking for was automation, to avoid more time spent on data entry, a budget friendly price point, and the ability to generate meaningful reports for clients at the click of a button. So far Cash Flow Frog provides all three.

If you’re looking to implement a tool like this in your practice, projections can be utilized to help assist you with quarterly tax projections for more accurate estimated payments and even add more consulting offerings by providing reports to your clients that they can utilize to support management decisions.

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