Hot business PhD research topics: The next big business trends


Doctoral candidates seeking a PhD in business have five top research topics trending right now that point to the next era of business trends to pay attention to. Research is always a moving target and continuously evolving.

The key to pay attention to is that the trends are typically leading toward the most prevalent changes that organizations are currently experiencing in their environments.

The top 5 trends right now include:

  1. Managing technology and innovation
  2. Resource management and sustainable development
  3. Social entrepreneurship
  4. Corporate responsibility, ethics and accountability
  5. Accounting and finance

What we can garner from these trends is that tax professionals are not the only ones trying to do more with less. Businesses are looking for efficiency in technology and innovation while battling a reduced workforce and still simultaneously trying to grow.

Critically, the way of the future for successful organizations also now includes social responsibility to a certain degree. Potential clients and employees alike want to have a clear understanding of how organizations intend to be involved in communities and promote social equity amongst the internal team.

Having a plan to address and promote this can help set your business apart from the competition when it comes to winning clients and gaining valuable team members.

We can also gain a better understanding of our clients’ pain points by understanding what makes accounting and finance so critical to organizations that it continues to be in the top five research topics. We as professionals understand that accounting is the backbone of any business, but we don’t always see it the same way our clients do.

Taking the opportunity to educate them about what their tax return means and how they can use those numbers to make more educated decisions in the future provides a value-added service that they can’t get from just any big box shop preparation location.

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