How do you take on a SFR Settlement Case?


This Tax Problem Resolution client was a non-filer who owed the IRS $75,000 and was facing enforced collection due to tax returns filed by IRS on his behalf, called Substitute For Returns (“SFRs”). These filings do not take into account any credits, expenses, or deductions and use the highest tax bracket available. We filed four years worth of original returns replacing the SFRs on file. Not only did we reduce his liability to $0.00 he also received a refund of $2,000. This is called an “SFR Settlement Case” that I charged $5,500 based on the value I delivered to the client and not based on hours or forms.

Michael Rozbruch goes into more detail on this specific SFT Settlement Case, how it happened and how he was able to help.Expand

Michael Rozbruch is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and is the founder of Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax and Business Solutions Academy™,  and Roz Strategies ™ an eLearning, coaching  and consulting services company that helps CPAs, Attorneys, and  Enrolled Agents build highly profitable practices by helping them add lucrative Tax Resolution clients to their firms through proven direct response marketing systems and sales strategies. He also trains on how to manage the client relationship and knows firsthand how to run a best practice IRS Representation practice.

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