How to “Cloud Accounting” for Tax: The Template for Change Management


In the last article, I address the three pillars of change management. Please read that here. Once you have a good, fundamental understanding of change management, you need to build a comprehensive plan.

I have put together a template to help you facilitate the change. This template is a slimmed-down version of a change management plan, including the critical parts needed by tax practices to effectively implement a new process and/or tool. There are many pieces that go into effective change management and the plan document is only one of them. Building this plan document needs to be done in conjunction with an effective project management plan. The timelines included should be used to build tasks and assignments into your project management software. Additionally, you will need to identify where related documentation, training videos, and best practices will be housed. I recommend using the same file storage that you use for your firm in general. I use SharePoint.

Use this template wisely! Go forth and change the world!

In my next article, I will be talking through the how of Phase 1: Assessment.

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