How to fast-track your compliances


How many times have you thought, “I want to serve my clients, not write technical documents” when faced with a long list of things you must do to comply with an IRS or governmental regulation (like the FTC Safeguards Rule)?

The publications are written in as “friendly language as possible” and the writers attempt to be very clear, but they only tell you “what” you need to do. There is little to no guidance about “how.”

So, when approaching these regulatory requirements and seeing that laundry list of technical things related to firm-side and client-side security, it can be daunting to say the least. Your firm is full of experts, but chances are that not many (or none) of your staff would say they are an expert in IT-related matters.

To learn how to fast-track your compliance with IRS Pub 4557 and the FTC Safeguards Rule, jump over our sister site, Insightful Accountant, to see Liscio Director of Communications and Partnerships Alison Ball’s advice. 

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