HubSync unveils Gateway


SaaS software company HubSync Co. is introducing the next-generation of tax and accounting automation platforms with Gateway. The centralized dashboard empowers CPA firms of all sizes, providing seamless navigation across the audit and tax landscape.

With access to HubSync’s end-to-end audit and tax platform, Gateway offers real-time status reporting and customizable set-ups for internal, corporate, and individual clients, ensuring 360-degree visibility regardless of size, complexity or location.

Key features include:

  • Visibility — Offers a real-time portal that provides a consolidated team view, granting transparency and visibility through dynamic dashboards. Clients benefit from instant status updates, fostering seamless collaboration and strengthening relationships.
  • Productivity — Provides notifications, recent activity tracking, task lists, and progress tracking, boosting productivity and ensuring timely completion of deliverables.
  • Analytics — Combines secure data acquisition, collaboration, real-time reporting, and advanced analytics. Dive deep into data with the ability to drill down and leverage built-in visualization tools, empowering teams to uncover valuable insights.
  • Communication — Enhances client engagement through streamlined communication. Gateway enables direct access to engagement teams, facilitating real-time messaging and providing industry news feeds.
  • Applications — Offers access to a full suite of audit and tax applications, all in one powerful platform. Easily retrieve documents, data, and apps through favorites and quick links, improving efficiency and simplifying workflows.
  • Integration — Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of tax and audit-related applications, eliminating data silos.

HubSync CEO John McGowan says Gateway demonstrates its commitment to revolutionize the tax and accounting industry by addressing long-standing complications with modern tools and solutions, enhancing both the workforce and the client experience.

“HubSync’s team of industry professionals has a combined decades of experience in the tax and accounting landscape combined with a rich history of driving innovation and delivering exceptional solutions,” McGowan says. “The Gateway dashboard is a game-changing, robust portal for tax, accounting and advisory professionals, delivering a consistent and singular client experience.”

For more information about Gateway and its ability to streamline tax and audit processes, CLICK HERE.

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