Intuit Practice Management is Now Available Across all Intuit Accountants Products and Services with the Addition of ProSeries


Starting September 1 (2020), Intuit Practice Management is now available across all Intuit Accountants products and services with the addition of ProSeries. Now, Intuit Practice Management is available to tax professionals using ProConnect Tax Online, Lacerte and ProSeries to help centralize contacts, automate tasks and collaborate in real-time.

With changing tax laws, deadlines, stimulus checks and more, taxpayers are looking to tax pros more than ever for their expertise. The rapidly changing landscape requires tax pros to constantly stay knowledgeable of updates, increasing the amount of content they absorb, on top of their increased demand from clients.

Tax pros have been transforming their workflows with Intuit Practice Management by deeply integrating with their work email, accounting and tax software. Below are several testimonials from tax professionals using this solution.

  • Templates
    • “I liked my prior practice management software, but it didn’t have the tax and accounting templates that Intuit Practice Management has. That was the major selling point for me. It’s taking my virtual practice with 6 employees to the level of efficiency we’ve been striving for over the past few years. Now we can add clients more quickly and get both clients and staff performing to standard right away.”
  • Email Triage
    • “Email management has always been a big headache for me, and I’d often have hundreds of unread emails in my inbox within a few days. With the low priority feature in Triage, I can quickly separate the important emails from the less important ones. Plus I love being able to group multiple emails into one related work task, which really makes me efficient. I clean out my email daily now! That’s a huge mental boost.”

 – Roxi Anderson, CPA; Accounting Rox! of Conroe, TX

  • Dashboards
    • “I like that I can easily sort and filter the dashboards on whatever I want. I have filters set up by person so I can see what’s on everyone’s plate. I really like the ability to assign even the smallest tasks to someone on my team, so they don’t fall through the cracks anymore. I have a view set up by status, so I can see where work stands at a glance or see how much money I have tied up in work that hasn’t been completed. For the first time, I feel like I’m running my practice like a business.” 
  •  Confidence/Time Savings
    • “I didn’t realize how much time I was losing before we adopted Intuit Practice Management, stressing about the work that might not be getting done.  Now I run my practice much more confidently. I have full visibility – not only to the things that are getting done, but also those that aren’t getting done. We make those decisions purposefully rather than running around like firefighters putting out any fire that pops up.  That has relieved so much anxiety.”

 – Benjamin Sargent, CPA; Sargent CPAs of Long Island, NY

This information was provided by The OutCast Agency on behalf of Intuit.

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