Is Tax Dome the next tech?


In a recent survey of small firm practices, Tax Dome came out as one of the most used CRM software. What does Tax Dome offer and how do you know if it is right for your practice?

Below is our review of this tax tech tool.

Tax Dome boasts an “all in one” model with everything from CRM to invoice management to organizers and client portals. The software syncs with email, calendars, and various bookkeeping and tax software.

With an easy-to-use mobile app for clients, workflow automation built in, and team management, including time tracking, the program’s features truly offer a one-stop shop for practice management.

The software also integrates with Zapier, expanding its connectivity and automation settings. Additionally, the company does not charge for training services.

As a past solo entrepreneur, piece-mealing a variety of softwares to meet the firm’s needs can be cumbersome and expensive. We don’t necessarily realize the total cost when paying for various subscriptions to meet all our needs. Pricing on Tax Dome tops out at just $50 per user per month, making it affordable for even a small practice.

Hidden costs such as KBA signatures for e-filing returns can add up over time. In contrast, Tax Dome offers unlimited KBA signatures and stores signed documents right in the document management portion of the software.

How does the software stack up against its competitors?

The custom domain name and website builder are features unique to Tax Dome that major competitors like Canopy and Karbon do not offer. Unlimited KBA signatures and customizable organizers are also key features that make Tax Dome more desirable. The easy-to-use client mobile app makes it more user-friendly for clients than competitors like Sharefile, and the bulk mail features make it easy to communicate with clients quickly.

A favorite key feature of the software? The onboarding checklist. Moving to any new software is time-consuming and often painful. Most of us will stick with less efficient options purely to avoid the pain of the switch.

Tax Dome offers onboarding step-by-step checklists and boasts the ability to have your firm set up within two hours and everyone fully onboarded in two weeks. The company even offers training videos for your clients on how to access and use their portal, including their mobile app.

If you are looking for a new tech stack this tax season to enhance efficiency in your business, Tax Dome is a must-see in your analysis of options.

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