Make Sure Your Client Doesn’t Become Your Next Tax Resolution Client


The best way to make sure your client doesn’t become your next tax resolution client is for them to file all legally required income and payroll tax returns when due. Most tax resolution clients are non-filers to start with. Not because they were intent on not filing, but because life happens. Usually the result of some unforeseen negative life-altering event that took precedent over the filing of their taxes. For example, death or serious illness of a loved one, divorce, or nasty custody battle just to name a few.

Michael Rozbruch explains how easy it can be for these clients to get themselves in over their head with the IRS. Stay tuned for more tips and guidance from Michael on how to help these clients get their head above water (or stay out of the water completely!).Expand

Michael Rozbruch is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and is the founder of Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax and Business Solutions Academy™,  and Roz Strategies ™ an eLearning, coaching  and consulting services company that helps CPAs, Attorneys, and  Enrolled Agents build highly profitable practices by helping them add lucrative Tax Resolution clients to their firms through proven direct response marketing systems and sales strategies. He also trains on how to manage the client relationship and knows firsthand how to run a best practice IRS Representation practice.

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