Mark it down: IIA updates its CPE policy


The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) has made changes to its continuing professional education (CPE) Reporting Policy. The changes for the internal audit profession leader in standards, certification, education, research and technical guidance worldwide were approved by The IIA’s Professional Certification’s Board (PCB).

The changes were made to ensure internal auditors are regularly enhancing their skills and keeping up to date with developing trends in an ever-changing risk landscape.

Key changes include:

  • A certification will be “revoked” if the holder goes three consecutive years without reporting CPE
  • A certification in “revoked” status cannot be reinstated; an individual with “revoked” certifications will need to retake the exams
  • Any surplus of CPE acquired during a calendar year may be used for the following calendar year reporting cycle (20 hours max for CIA and 10 hours for other IIA designations can be rolled over)
  • Grace period increased from one year to two years

On Sept. 1, 2023, the “CPE Reporting Policy” will become known as the “Annual Certification Renewal Policy.” That is the date the changes go into effect for all IIA certification holders and current candidates.

Individual certification holders currently in grace period or expired status cannot claim the certifications. Instead, they should follow the current CPE policy to report CPE or reinstate their certifications before the new Policy in effect.

For detailed information on the CPE changes, including the full current CPE Reporting Policy and the newly approved Annual Certification Renewal Policy, CLICK HERE.

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