Payroll Vault: Full-Service Small Business Payroll


What service or solution does your company provide?

Payroll Vault is a boutique-style full-service local payroll service provider that designs payroll for your small business. Our payroll experts fully handle the compliance-driven payroll tasks to better enable you to focus on managing your workforce and strengthening key community relationships.

What size of tax and/or accounting business is your solution best suited for? (Small, Medium, Large) Define Small, Medium or Large as your company sees it.

Small to Medium businesses within any industry, and our ideal size is 1 – 100 employees.

What are the key Features, Advantages and Benefits of your products/services/solutions? What pain points do you relieve?

Payroll Vault realizes business ownership and managing teams of full, part-time, and temporary employees requires efficient resources and intense focus. Our Payroll Consultants design a payroll service program that lets the client focus on growing their business and increasing revenue – all with personalized service.

When a team is happy, they focus on their company’s success and actively contribute to its growth and as a result, strengthens profits. It’s time for the small to medium size business owner to leave complex payroll regulations and reporting to Payroll Vault.

  • POS System File Flexibility
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Common Accounting Platform Integration
  • Avoid Complex Penalties & Interest
  • Manage Complicated Compliance Rules
  • Quality Service & Custom Design
  • Human Resource
  • Management & Support
  • Transparent Pricing, Value, Satisfaction

How do our readers contact someone within your company if they would like to see a product demo or speak with a company representative?

Prospects can visit the website to find local their Payroll Vault, or reach out to Tim, Director of Payroll Vault Sales. Contact info below.
Tim Loehfelm

How are your products/services/solutions priced? Feel free to provide actual pricing if appropriate or an answer like “per user, per form, per ____”.

A consultative approach with customized solutions based on each unique business’ needs/situation.

Payroll Vault is fairly priced and focuses on value of services. We do not bundle services; each client’s pricing will vary slightly. We do not require a signed contract for services performed. Additionally, our research shows that with DIY payroll, business owners actually spend about 18% more on their payroll costs than to outsource it.

How is your customer support handled? Live Chat? Phone Support? Email Support?

We take an integrated, yet personalized approach. Most of our clients prefer phone communication; When our clients call, we answer the phone. We also offer contact mediums such as email support and a variety of portals to access for employee and employer needs.

What is the typical onboarding experience and what training resources do you have available?

Payroll Vault’s personalized onboarding experience includes the collection of company and employee data and requires the signing of necessary paperwork that allows us to make tax payments, communicate with federal and state entities on our client’s behalf, and set up any additional electronic needs.

Training is provided by their dedicated payroll specialist. An introduction is made between the client and their dedicated payroll specialist where they will provide step-by-step guidance for all their payroll and efficiency needs.

Do you have a partner program that would allow tax and accounting professionals to recommend your products/services/solutions to their customers, or do you only serve the professionals?

Yes. We have partner and referral programs in place that help benefit and support both the client and the referring partner.

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