ProAdvisor Advisory Training Now Available


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More than any year prior, in 2020, small businesses leaned on accounting professionals for help. If your firm took last year as an opportunity to offer advisory services and structure a formal offering, great job! If you are like many other accounting professionals who gave this help away freely, it’s not too late to create a plan to structure how you offer advisory services in a package or individually to guide your clients financially.

Advisory resources

There are many training courses, webinars, and YouTube videos to help you structure the offering of advisory services and packages. One way QuickBooks has decided to help their QuickBooks ProAdvisors is to create an advisory training program. The advisory training program is available to active ProAdvisors within their QuickBooks Online Accountant Training Dashboard.

Three-part self-paced training

The training is broken down into three parts. Part 1 is Setting the Framework, Part 2 is the Core of the Work, and Part 3 is Optimize Your Work. These are self-paced training. The advantage of self-paced training is to allow you to understand each concept before you move forward. After completing the three-part self-paced training, you should feel confident to continue offering help to your clients in a structured, financially rewarding method.

Source: Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training Resources

Talented trainers

QuickBooks has gathered brilliant and accomplished trainers to guide you through the 15-hours of Advisory training courses including Hector Garcia, Geni Whitehouse, Laura Redmond, Helina Patience, and Heather Satterley. With trainers like these you can count on the training to be informative and fun.

Why wait? Begin your Advisory training here!

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