“Properly Structured” Installment Agreement – How do you charge? Hourly fee or value pricing?


Taxpayers owe $55,000 to the IRS and are being levied. How do you communicate the value of your services? Do you just tell your clients it’s going to take “x” number of hours at your hourly rate? Or do you paint the picture of resolution and convey the value you’re providing: 

  1. I’m going to request First Time Penalty Abatement relief
  2. I’m going to PROTECT your income and assets from the IRS
  3. I’m going to get the IRS to release your levy
  4. I’m not going to let the IRS manage YOUR monthly cash flow; (“properly structured”)
  5. I’m going to reduce your future failure to pay penalties by 50%
  6. I’m going to make sure the IRS formally recognizes your Installment Agreement on your Transcripts

I asked for and received a fee of $4,000 on this case. No resistance, no push back. The case took about 5 hours to resolve from beginning to end.

Michael Rozbruch tells you how he helped one of his clients and the value his services brought to them.

Michael Rozbruch is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and is the founder of Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax and Business Solutions Academy™,  and Roz Strategies ™ an eLearning, coaching  and consulting services company that helps CPAs, Attorneys, and  Enrolled Agents build highly profitable practices by helping them add lucrative Tax Resolution clients to their firms through proven direct response marketing systems and sales strategies. He also trains on how to manage the client relationship and knows firsthand how to run a best practice IRS Representation practice.

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