Q+A: 1040 Tax Automation and Your Firm


What is GruntWorx? 

GruntWorx 1040 tax automation and organization technology eliminates the tedium of manually converting paper documents to digital files by automating data entry of federal forms and source file organization. GruntWorx is also backed by free, best-in-class customer support, providing fast, friendly, accurate answers to customer questions. The bottom line: using GruntWorx improves efficiency, productivity, and – most importantly – profitability for any tax preparation firm. To learn more, visit GruntWorx.com or call 877.830.6059. 

Who is the ideal user of GruntWorx? 

Anyone who prepares 1040 tax returns, no matter if you are processing a handful of returns or thousands of 1040 returns GruntWorx can help automate the preparation process of organization and data entry helping get the return started. 

What software does GruntWorx work with? 

GruntWorx is fully compatible with CCH Axcess, Prosystem FX, Ultratax CS, Drake Tax Software, Go System Tax RS, and Lacerte. The GruntWorx Organize and Trades products work with any tax software. 

Does the user need to be a tax professional or can a bookkeeper use GruntWorx to prepare taxes? 

Anyone who prepares 1040 tax returns. 

How is GruntWorx priced?   

GruntWorx products will be charged on a per-page, per-form, and per-trade basis, depending on which service you choose: Organize LITE, Organize, Populate or Trades. There are no upfront costs, fees, or commitments. You can use GruntWorx as little or as much as you want and the dollars you add to your account will never expire as long as your account remains active. Below is the breakdown of each service. 

GruntWorx Pricing Breakdown: 

What is/are the key “selling point(s)” of using GruntWorx? 

  • Easy to use 1040 Tax Automation. 
  • Reduces tax preparation time and increase efficiency. 
  • Frees preparers, reviewers, and partners to focus on value added activities. 
  • Consistent tax document organization and data extraction for every client. 
  • Improves productivity. 

We recently hosted hosted a webinar + demo of GruntWorx on Insightful Accountant. The recording can be viewed here.

What can viewers expect to learn about GruntWorx during the webinar and demo? 

Learn how to :

  • Identify how to save time by eliminating manual organization and data entry 
  • Identify best practices for scanning 
  • Learn the step by step process of uploading and receiving documents back from GruntWorx 

How do interested tax pros connect with you to learn more about GruntWorx? 

The best way to reach us is through the toll free number: 877-830-6059 

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