Q&A with Canopy Tax


The next part of this Q&A series is with Weldon McKenzie of Canopy Tax.

What service or solution does your company provide? Please provide your “elevator pitch.”

We provide an all-in-one CRM, practice management, and tax resolution software solution for tax professionals and their firms.  

What size of tax and/or accounting business is your solution best suited for? (Small, Medium, Large) Define Small, Medium or Large as your company sees it. 

Typically target firms in the SMB space (4-25 employees). 

What are the key features, advantages and benefits of your products/services/solutions? What pain points do you relieve? 

Features: Project Management, Time and Billing, Document Management and Client Communications. 

Advantages/Benefits: Canopy helps keep an accounting firm’s valuable information centralized and organized and helps automate time-consuming tasks such as setting up reminders, recurring payments, etc. Canopy’s Client Portal bridges the gap of communication between client and practitioner with back and forth messaging, easy-to-use file management and information requests. 

Pain Points: Canopy provides a single source of truth for a tax firm’s information and communication (internal/external), improving day-to-day workflows, efficiencies, and saves time and money. 

How do our readers contact someone within your company if they would like to see a product demo or speak with a company representative?

The “Request a demo” button on our homepage https://www.canopytax.com/, or by requesting a demo on one of our landing pages https://www.canopytax.com/demo

How are your products/services/solutions priced?

Our pricing is structured on a per-user basis. Details are available on the website: https://www.getcanopy.com/pricing

How is your customer support handled? Live Chat? Phone Support? Email Support? 

All of the above, including personalized support from our product team as well as social media. 

What is the typical onboarding experience and what training resources do you have available? 

Once a product has been purchased, one of our customer success reps will reach out to do an implementation session. This involves getting basic information set up in the system and a thorough walkthrough of features. 
We have a knowledge base available to all users for training purposes. This includes in-depth how-to articles as well as step-by-step videos: https://canopytax.zendesk.com/hc/en-us 

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