Respecting Your Team’s Off Time


As we approach another round of holidays, it’s important to remember to respect your team’s off time. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but sometimes we forget how our actions impact others. Even actions that seem innocent or harmless.

Have clear cut holiday hours/days

Since a lot of firms are still working from home, this is more important now than ever. It can sometimes be difficult to set work/life boundaries when you’re working from home because the clear boundary that’s typically between the two is blurred. It’s important to set clear off time for your team so they know it’s okay to step away from the screen. Are you off the Friday before Christmas? What about the Monday following the first day of Kwanzaa? Are you having a half day on NYE or are you off on January 1? Make sure your team understands what days you are not expecting them to work so no one is confused or working when they can be relaxing with their friends and family.

Try to avoid deadlines upon the return to work

Obviously, some deadlines are out of our hands. Particularly when it comes to the IRS. However, there are some deadlines and project timelines that we can control. Plan accordingly and make sure you’re not expecting them to work during their off time. Put a pin in the projects you can and pick them back up upon your team’s return.

Avoid sending emails, IMs or any work communication whatsoever

Just imagine it… you’re sitting at your kitchen table on Christmas morning, drinking some coffee. Your spouse brings you the present they got for you – begging you to open it! As soon as do and you start to tell them you love the sweater… *DING DING* your email notification goes off. A client forgot to send in some paperwork and your boss wants you to email them first thing on Monday (but makes sure to end the email with Merry Christmas……). Now you’re mentally somewhere else.

Don’t be a jerk. Let your team members enjoy their time off and not even have to think about work.

Make sure to also enjoy your time off

Yes, you matter too! Part of respecting your team comes from making sure you’re taking care of yourself, too. Enjoy your off time and come back to the (virtual) office well-rested and ready to take on 2022! Tax season is just around the corner, we all need to rest before the chaos begins!

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