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The growing trend in the market is to digitize much of the documentation cluttering desks across the country, before it gets to our desks. We can receive bills, bank statements, EOB’s, etc. in digital format; thus, eliminating the need to digitize them at our desk. However, we are nowhere near the point of a paperless workflow or paperless office to where we no longer need to manage the physical papers that we all receive on a daily basis, whether it be regular mail, bills, bank statements, etc.

So how do you manage the physical papers that come across your desks? Canon has some great scanning solutions to handle the physical documents, and they are working with several solution providers who can manage the digital documents once they are scanned.

When it comes to managing source documents, Canon scanners are TWAIN compliant, so they work with any TWAIN compliant software with no special integrations needed. Two of Canon’s Document Management Software (DMS) Partners you may want to check out are FileCenter and SmartVault.

FileCenter is a very powerful DMS that is inexpensive, easy to install, easy to learn and use. The software captures and organizes files and gives the user dozens of productivity tools. It integrates with some of the key cloud storage solutions like SharePoint, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox and most Windows programs. FileCenter leverages OCR to make files text searchable to help you save time when looking for a document. The software effectively eliminates the need for Adobe with its built in .pdf editor and is an effective option for companies and firms that are working towards the elusive “paperless office.”

SmartVault offers more than Document Storage, but it is one of several key features available when you purchase the service, including a branded client portal, secure file sharing, e-signature and workflow automation. SmartVault offers bank level security, compliance to HIPAA, FINRa, SEC and GLBA standards, as well as integrations with key tax and accounting software solutions. SmartVault offers reasonable pricing and great support to help you secure your files, share your files and sign your documents remotely.

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