SSI Payments are on the Way


The Internal Revenue Service, Treasury Department and the Social Security Administration announced that recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will automatically receive automatic Economic Impact Payments (EIP).   

The IRS announced that due to this work, recipients will receive the $1200 EIP with no further action on their part. Further, they stated that the payments will go out no later than early May. 

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig stated, “Since SSI recipients typically aren’t required to file tax returns, the IRS had to work extensively with these other government agencies to determine a way to quickly and accurately deliver Economic Impact Payments to this group. Additional programming work remains, but this step simplifies the process for SSI recipients to quickly and easily receive these $1,200 payments automatically. We appreciate the assistance of SSA and the Bureau of Fiscal Services in this effort.” 

In addition to the statement above, the IRS is urging recipients to be aware of potential scams related to Economic Impact Payments and encourage people to go directly and solely to for official information. More specifically, the IRS has an “Economic Impact Payment Information Center” and a “Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments” page where all or most of the related information resides. 

Click here for the Economic Impact Payment Information Center.

Click here for Coronavirus tax relief and economic impact payments.

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