Technology for Growth: K&A Mobile Tax Services

Arline Robinson and Kesha Norman-Young, Founders of K & A Mobile Tax Services, LLC

K&A Mobile Tax Services is a Houston based, multi-location tax and accounting firm that has seen tremendous growth since it’s founding. The two founders, Arline Robinson and Kesha Norman-Young, decided to leverage their skills and knowledge to start a tax business serving individuals and small businesses. As they added new clients, they found that they could grow the business and better serve their clients by adding other services like bookkeeping and notary services.

Like any business, growth of a tax firm comes with its own set of challenges. These challenges were amplified when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in early 2020. The owners knew they needed a secure method of communicating internally, communicating with clients, as well as securely managing their workflow and documentation.

They landed on the Moxtra App as the core part of their communications and workflow hub, which also meets the IRS Data Security Plan for their firm.

I had an opportunity to interview Kesha Norman-Young recently to learn a little more about the firm, their growth and the tech stack enabling the firm to grow and meet the growing security demands on today’s tax preparers. The video interview can be found on YouTube here. The audio of the interview can be found here.

This article is originally from Insightful Accountant. You can view it here.

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