Wisdom from the wealthiest accountants


Accounting, especially tax work, often has been referred to as a recession-proof business. Even in down economies businesses need their books kept, their bank statements reconciled, and their taxes filed. Right? That may be true, but business owners don’t always see accounting as having as much value to their organization as we would like them to.

Unfortunately, even though clients have to file tax returns, they can easily pick and choose who they work with for those services and if we don’t differentiate ourselves from the competition, your clients will start making decisions based on other factors, like price.

So what do the most successful accountants do to set themselves apart?

1. They’re the closer

The wealthiest accountants are deal closers. Regardless of how many other people in the firm may be responsible for client development, the most successful accountants view closing new business as a top priority. They take their responsibility to the firm seriously when it comes to sales.

The key here is to always make sure you have new relationships in the pipeline. Even the best of the best won’t turn every prospect into a sale, but to be a winning closer, you need to be having constant communication with new potential clients.

2. They’re available

This one can feel challenging and overwhelming when we often have so much work on our plate, but if you want to achieve top tier success, you must make yourself available. If you’re not available to your clients and your team, they will go elsewhere eventually, simply because there’s no relationship for them to feel loyal to.

Especially with clients, always offer them more than one time slot when booking a meeting and give them your undivided attention when you’re in it. Video conferencing makes up the majority of our meetings now and it can be tempting to keep our cameras off or do other work while at our desks. Don’t lose focus, especially if you also want to be good at No. 1.

3. They’re proactive

The most successful accountants don’t wait for the prospect to book the follow up call and they don’t leave clients hanging when meetings leave to follow up work. The best in class will always book the next meeting, set the deadline and make it clear when the follow up is going to happen.

If you are looking for a way to set yourself apart from the competition, this is a completely free way to be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. The No. 1 reason clients leave their current accountants is their unresponsiveness.

If you are looking for ways to take your practice’s financial success to the next level, the three components above will cost you absolutely zero dollars to implement and create a strong competitive advantage at the same time.

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