Your social media marketing on a budget


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This month we’ll be featuring top tips on how to manage your firm’s social media on a budget.

Social media can be completely overwhelming, there are a ton of different platforms and the rules of the algorithms are always changing. On top of running your practice, managing your staff and keeping up with client relationships, the thought of social media can be a truly daunting task.

Ahead of our exciting webinar this month, here are five tips to help make your social media more manageable and more effective.

1. Set your goals first

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” There simply are too many social media platforms for you to be good at all of them all at once. On top of that, you can’t devise a social media marketing plan to attract everyone all at once either. You need to have a specific goal in mind before setting out on your social media marketing journey.

I always recommend that you focus on only one or two social media platforms to start. Until you have a marketing department or you have just leveled up to social media savant, any more than two will have you spread too thin. Wondering which two you choose? That depends on the client you’re trying to attract, which leads us to Tip No. 2.

2. Determine your audience

You cannot be everything to everybody, nor do you want to. Before you begin any marketing campaign you need to decide who you’re speaking to. If your practice specializes in small businesses, you’re not trying to attract a bunch of trust and estate work. If you are looking to grow your advisory services, you are not necessarily trying to attract more tax prep.

Once you decide who your target audience is, it will help you determine where to find them. Business owners are more likely to be on LinkedIn and Twitter where individual clients may be more likely to be found on Facebook or Instagram. Knowing your audience helps narrow your field of focus.

3. Create a content calendar

Writer’s block is usually the first roadblock for many practitioners when it comes to social media presence. What do you post? Starting a calendar can be a great way to take the fear out of deciding what content to share. Look at the content month by month. It helps to look at things like national holidays. Building out a 12-month calendar gives you a base to build off every month, so you never run out of ideas.

4. Use AI tools

There is a ton of free content now available to help you utilize free ChatGPT to develop your social media content. Jump on the internet to find fast and free prompts to use in ChatGPT. You can even tell ChatGPT about your brand and the specifics of the target audience you are trying to reach.

After feeding it the specifics of your firm and the type of audience you’re seeking, ask ChatGPT questions like, “What type of content can I post to increase followers on Twitter,” or “Develop a three-month content plan to increase followers from our target audience on Instagram.”

5. Add value

You don’t need to give away your best kept secrets for free but think about some of the most common questions or pain points you receive. If your clients are constantly asking you what they can take for deductions in their small home-based businesses, share some content or even free templates to help them track and manage those expenses.

The value you add in the content you share is the beginning of building trusting relationships between you and your followers. If your firm already writes or shares blog posts, share the cliff notes versions in your social media posts and then point them back to your website for more information.

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